Klára is a graduate from the Faculty of Medicine at Palacký University in Olomouc, and she has a great understanding of everything that happens in the world of dentistry. You will feel great while receiving care from her because of her pleasant demeanour, empathy, excellent skills and patience.

Before joining our team in Prague, she worked as a dentist in Žilina and Český Těšín. She refined her experience in acute care medicine at the clinic. She stayed in Ireland, where she worked and honed her language and communication skills. Now you can look forward meeting her at Dentry.

In her free time, Klára focuses on the development and monitoring of news in the world of dentistry, travel, healthy eating and photography.

She speaks Czech, English and French.


  • Czech Endodontic Society
  • CDOCS resident membership

Training, seminars and internships

  • 2023 Adhesive propedeutics – MUDr. Ladislav Gregor, Ph.D.
  • 2022 Dentist course: Surgery, extraction of third molars, extraction wound protection and basics of implantology. Periodontology, Augmentation, plastic surgery of the periodontium and treatment and prevention of peri-implantitis, basic course in dental implantology – surgery with live surgery. Examination, preparation and evaluation of X-rays, treatment planning and orthodontics for general dentists, orthodontist and PZL cooperation.
  • 2022 Reendodontics Training – Dr. Pauliška
  • 2022 101 tips and tricks for an easy life with a photocomposite – Dr. Czyž, Dr. Přibyl
  • 2022 Photocomposite fillings in the lateral section – Dr. Czyž
  • 2022 Facets and all-ceramic prosthetics – Dr. Paul Gerloczy
  • 2022 HDVI – Pedostomatology in a nutshell – Dr. Cyprichová
  • 2021 Prague Dental Days (CSK) – presentation of novelties abroad in the field of endodontics, surgery and restorative dentistry
  • 2021 I love endo – Jiří Škrdlant
  • 2021 Calcium silicate materials – Radovan Žižka
  • 2021 Tooth resorption – Radovan Žižka
  • 2021 Postendodontic rehabilitation, build-up, post overlay, crown – Max Belograd
  • 2021 Preparation for full crown – Max Belograd
  • 2021 Essential lines – Italian style
  • 2021 Anterior ceramic Veneers – Stevenson Dental Solutions
  • 2021 Dental Topics – Implantologie Basic – Petr Chramosta
  • 2019 dental medicine (Český Těšín)
  • 2018 dental medicine (Žilina)


6. 7. 2023


Everyone was in a wonderful mood, professional, and despite my fear of dentists, I felt the best I could there. Excellent, thank you. Special thanks to Dr. Trstenská and her sister Kabeláčová, who explained everything to me and I look forward to my next visit...