Premedication is the administration of certain medicines prior to a dental procedure in order to calm the patient. Appropriately chosen premedication allows us to perform the necessary treatment, calms the patient, reduces pain perception, removes motor instability and inhibits undesirable reflexes.

Premedication can be used before the treatment of non-compliant and fearful patients, patients with a strong gag reflex and even small children.


In our clinic we use:


also known as “laughing gas”

This is a ready-to-use mixture of gases, 50% NO2 and 50% O2, which has analgesic, anxiolytic and sedative effects after a short inhalation. Entonox calms down the patients, leads to relaxation, reduces anxiety and suppresses the perception of pain.

It has the advantage of a rapid onset and offset of action – you can drive again after a while.



Midazolam is a short-acting drug from the benzodiazepine class.

Its effects tend to be very individual, but amnesia is always produced. The patient does not remember the procedure and has no negative experience and/or fear of future treatment.



If we are unable to treat a conscious patient, we work with an anaesthetist, who puts the patient into a deep state of unconsciousness so that we can perform the necessary procedures properly.

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